About Us

Arka Company Ltd. (hereafter also referred to as the Company or the Canadian Company) is a Canadian affiliate of Arka Tajhiz Maham Avam in Iran (hereafter also referred to as the Affiliate Company)

 Carrying on the legacy and expertise of its Affiliate Company, Arka Company Ltd. will fulfill the needs and expectations of both Canadian and international clients through the manufacture and distribution of centrifugal fans of varying sizes, the largest of which are used in
factories, mines, and other industrial applications. Because of political sanctions and hefty transportation and logistics fees, it is more feasible and less costly to manufacture the parts in Canada, procuring raw materials from local suppliers, for distribution to the North-American market. The Company will enjoy operational and advisory support from its Iranian Affiliate Company.

Mr. Soheil Ganjdast owns 100% of Arka Company Ltd. (the Canadian affiliate). He Applicant currently occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Iran-based foreign Affiliate Company and will serve as Chief Executive Officer of Arka Company Ltd. in Canada. The foreign Affiliate Company will greatly benefit from its expansion into the Canadian market.

Due to the Applicant’s expertise, the Affiliate Company has developed a network of reliable partners, suppliers, and clients in Iran. Mr. Ganjdast will use his knowledge and industry connections to successfully establish the operations of Arka Company Ltd., secure stable sources of projects, and develop a network of partners across Canada.

Some of the Affiliate Company’s completed projects include:

Some of the Affiliate Company’s ongoing projects include:

The following list includes some of the Arka Tajhiz Maham Avam’s pending projects:

Lastly, here are some of the Affiliate Company’s projects at the design phase:
• Line 3 tunnel furnace of Ravar Steel Factory with fans and hoppers in the format of EPC
• Basra Cement Factory fans
• Jordan Sulfur Factory equipment

The Affiliate Company is actively pursuing international growth opportunities, and Canada offers an exciting new location because of its economic strengths and many other advantages. Canada possesses extensive natural resources and plays a strong role in the mining and manufacturing industries, making it a significant target market. The expansion to Canada will give the Affiliate
Company access to a lucrative and diverse market, the possibility of distributing products in the North-American market, and the opportunity to develop its business in a strong and growing economy. Furthermore, the Canadian government has announced its plans to enhance the Small
Business Financing Program, increasing annual financing to small businesses by an estimated $560 million in 2022. According to the budget reports for 2022, the government intendsto create an operationally independent federal innovation and investment agency, making a proposed $1 billion in investments over the five years starting in 2022-23 to support its initial operations. Final details on the agency’s operating budget are to be determined following further consultation
later this year.

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