About Us

For nearly 15 years, Soheil Ganjdast has been helping the manufacturing industry thrive through careful monitoring and innovative manufacturing of centrifugal fans. As a professional and enthusiastic engineer, Soheil thinks outside the box to enable the best outcomes considering safety, efficacy, higher quality, and economic viability. Soheil earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Doroud university in 2007. His primary focus remains on improving product design, training technicians with higher standards, and offering innovative solutions to system infrastructure.

In his leisure time, Soheil enjoys various sports, engages in adventurous activities, and reads diverse genres.

Arka Tajhiz Maham Company, with the support of experience and knowledge of managers and skills and expertise of its technical and workshop
personnel, has had worthy activities in Iranian industry. These activities include designing, manufacturing rotary kilns for cement, lime, gypsum, steel
industries etc., designing and manufacturing rotary and vertical dryers in various industries like titanium, designing and manufacturing centrifugal
fans for cement, Steel, copper, lime factories etc.

Mentioned. In order to achieve the lofty goals of the managers, the company has recently started negotiating and concluding overseas contracts with
companies such as the Basra Cement Factory and the Jordanian Sulfur Mining Factory.

It should be noted that the ongoing projects of this company are as follows:
• Design, manufacture and installation of rotary dryers with rotating air
conditioners of Kahnooj Titanium Rehabilitation Factory
• Design, construction and installation on the heater of Kahnooj
Titanium Rehabilitation Factory
• Design, construction and installation of tunnel furnaces of Ravar
Steel Factory
• Vertical kiln of Pol-e Dokhtar gypsum factory
• Material transfer project of Khorasan bentonite factory
• Over 100 tons of equipment related to mines and parent industries

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